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High Voltage Engineering Lab

High Voltage Laboratory follows certain services that includes Sphere gap, Rod gap test, dielectric test for all electrical material, filtration & dielectric test of transformer oil & Fault detection/calculation of transmission line.

Electrical Machine Lab

Electrical Machine Laboratory makes use of various Regular machines like DC Motors, DC Generators, Single Phase and Three Phase Transformers. Also, while experimenting, students operate multiple motors like Induction, squirrel Cage and Slip-ring Induction Motors.

Electrical Measurement & Instrumentation

Electrical Measurement & Instrumentation follows various instruments and extensions. A few PC units with LAB-VIEW programming to comprehend the standards and working of different estimation systems and gadgets.

Electronic Devices & Circuits Labs

An investigation of the attributes and subjective inside activity of ordinarily utilized small scale electronic gadgets for discrete and coordinated circuits. Utilization of these gadgets in fundamental circuits is investigated in this Laboratory.

Power Systems Lab

Power Systems Lab offers Propelled Simulators like Fault Simulator and Over Head Line, Digital Relays, Fault Locaters, High Voltage Testing hardware. Also, various Latest programming likes MATLAB and so on are performed in this Laboratory.

Skill Development Lab

Skill Development Lab focuses on the Testing or repairing of CFL, LED bulbs, Home UPS, water purifier, Solar related equipment. This Lab also has multiple modules like CNC lathe, IC Engine etc.

Automation Lab

PLC & SCADA operated projects like traffic system, mixing plant, Smart home, Coal crusher, Robots etc. It familiarize in fluid power automation and different components of Hydraulics, pneumatics, electro hydraulic / electro pneumatic and PLC based systems.

Grid Sub-System Lab

1.1 kv Grid Sub-station System Complete knowledge of power system like generation, transmission & distribution controlled by PLC. In complex applications like Aerospace, Automotive, Energy, and others; a product is comprised of multiple sub-systems.

Power Electronics Lab

Power Electronics Lab is a universal learning platform which is very useful for Students to understand the concept of power electronics. Students can perform experiments like VI characteristics of the power electronic devices, single phase controlled rectifiers, DCDC choppers etc.


Meet our Experienced Staff

Highly Skills & Expert Technicians

R.K. Srivastava

He is the Master of Department of Electrical Engineering. He is a Associate professor and has done B.E.(1974) to acquire the skills and knowledge. He has a Teaching Experience of 41 years + 4 (academics) years in this industry.


Ashok Kr. Sharma

He is the Professional of Department Of Electrical Engineering. He has done B.E., M.Tech. (2013) in his field and also gained 30 years of Teaching Experience in academics and 10 years in field work.


Virendra Sharma

He has gained 20 years of Teaching Experience and Expertise in Department Of Electrical Engineering. He has done B.E., M.E. and pursuing Ph.D. He is working as an Associate Professor.


Chavvi Saxena

The master of teaching & training have gained experience of 11 years. She has pursued MCA, M.Tech & Ph.D. Currently, she is working as Associate Professor.

What ourAlumni Says About Us

My experience at Arya has been extremely positive. The faculties I have had have all been very knowledgeable, not just academically, but professionally as well. I have experienced working for a major company in my field during my learning through the co-op program. Arya creates a great atmosphere conducive to learning.

Vivek Jain
Senior Engineer

My degree at Arya not only gave me advanced theoretical knowledge in the field of electrical engineering, but also allowed me to develop practical skills such as teamwork, problem-solving, and effective communication skills through various projects. As an Engineer, I utilize these skills every day to work both autonomously and cooperatively.

Junior Engineer

The engineering graduate scheme at Arya College act as an excellent opportunity for me to get further hands on experience and training to be an engineer and manager while building a network of contacts, which will allow swift career progression and chartership.

Assistant Manager
Madhya Pradesh Viduht Vitran Ltd